Is Blogging Social Media? And other Random Thoughts . . .

I gave up social media for Lent. I’m one day in, and wonder why I have an iPhone. I open it, check my email, and turn it off again. This is sure sign I am too connected to Facebook and Twitter. I had to actually delete the links/apps so that I don’t go to those sites out of muscle memory.

I haven’t blogged in awhile and I realized today that it might constitute social media. I don’t think so. Because I want to blog.

Which raises a second topic—how self-involved are we that we (read: I) can’t give up social media without finding another outlet for people to read my thoughts? Pretty self-involved.

Lent is a favorite time of year for me. Not because I like giving up things, but because it a very reflective time for me. I have been reflecting on my life over the past 4 years, and moving forward. What do I want? What should I want? What does God want for me?

I am happily consulting right now for an international relief organization. On the missions front, I’m planning an international trip and working locally with an organization to provide some financial mentoring to young moms.  There are some other church-related things going on that are exciting for me as well.

It’s not all rosy. I’m no saint. Working again has made more irritable and tired. I am cooking less for my family (that actually is a benefit to them, and they would tell you so too).  My swimming has suffered (that means I haven’t been tot the pool this calendar year).

There is a long way to go in answering questions this Lent.

And I’ve found a way to impose myself onto social media without actually logging on to Facebook or Twitter. Lawyer trick.





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