Job Searching Redux

This past week was a big week for job searching. I had some opportunities last year (at the end of 2012) but they weren’t a right fit–for me or for my family. And now it seems as if nonprofit jobs are at a real premium. It could be the fiscal cliff fall-out, the USAID prospects, or a big morass of these issues and others. At any rate, it looks like my prospects all lie in the private sector right now.

I will not practice law again, meaning I will not work in a law firm. Yes, there are good firms out there, and I was actually in one of them, but it is just not for me. There are a lot of reasons why, and if you corner me personally we can discuss them, but for now, let me just say that it is not going to happen.

But it looks like in-house counsel positions are a possibility, and that is what I’m exploring this coming week. I know I want to combine my faith with my employment, and so I have concentrated on faith-based non-profit employment. Of course, you don’t have to work at a church to combine faith with work. Indeed, many who have worked in churches would assert that it is easier to be success at this by NOT working at a church or faith-based institutions.

One thing that has been on my heart recently is that ethical leadership, or more specifically leadership based on a Christ-centered philosophy, in the private sector is a big need. Even a state of emergency, some might say.

So, this next week will be interesting. And perhaps it will lead to a new future, and perhaps it will direct me back to the searching game.

It is so easy to become frustrated, almost hourly, at the lack of direction we seem to receive from God. He does not answer just because you beg him to. I know. It is a constant source of contention between Him and me.

But He does give you a calm to face uncertainty, if you will ask him and wait for it.

To be continued…

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