City Mouse

It’s been awhile, blogosphere. I’ve been, well, trying to survive, frankly.

I’ve never been a City Mouse. I’ve never been a true Country Mouse. I’ve always been a Suburban Mouse. There is a reason that’s not a phrase. Because, boring.

In December, I became a City Mouse. This follows a harrowing year of 1) new siblings, 2) sobering work conundra, 3) massive faith challenges, and 4) general life chaos. This post will not be about 1-4. It will be about becoming a City Mouse.

I moved from my 50+ year life as a suburbanite to a city dweller. I left Lutherville and changed over to Charm City. Completely unprepared.

I can’t tell you how many people, in answer to my statement that I was moving to downtown Baltimore, asked, “Why?”

I bit my tongue. I had to. Because God hates certain words. I’m told.

Seriously, though, my friends will no doubt gaffaw. I’m as likely as not to be lost on a suburban street as a city one. Historically, I’ve been found navigating left turns on Timonium Road, not Charles Street. Just a month ago, walking to the store or a restaurant was not even feasible for me. And don’t get me started on the bus.

THE BUS. Something I haven’t riden since school. A mode of transportation for day trips to New York. A device for transporting me from a parking lot to a sporting event. Something city travelers can use but suburbanites cannot.

I’ve not felt so accomplished in recent memory as I have by riding the bus a full .8 miles to work.

Yes, that’s me. The lady with a back pack and cheater glasses trying to figure out which bus takes me to the actual downtown area (answer: THEY ALL DO). The commuter who thinks she has to stick her Charm Card into a slot that does not exist upon entering the bus, and thereby clogging up the on-ramp, much to the dismay of the more seasoned travelers. The lady who stands at the bus stop for 30 full minutes, refusing to walk the less-than-a-mile distance, only to be advised that Charles Street is closed for the Washington Monument Lighting.  I’m “that girl.”

I’m a City Mouse. Not a very good one, yet. But a City Mouse.

And I love it.

More to come on this topic. There are some city lessons I’ve learned already, like parking tickets are no joke and shorter commutes are worth their weight in gold. Dogs are everywhere and nice people are also, despite the City’s image.

Here’s to 2019. Here’s to less drama, more justice, fewer political standoffs and greater bus saavy.

Pray for me. And the guy behind me in the bus queue.




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