This is Bob.

I love that the Archdiocese and the Catholic Review, as well as the Baltimore Sun, reported that Church of the Nativity‘s Mass will be streamed during the storm.

I do not love that we are still a culture that needs to be told we are excused from Mass attendance when clearly the weather and our own brains dictate that to be so. I know, though, why it gets communicated–because if it did not, some (many?) Catholics will annoy the life out of the hierarchy by demanding to know if their obligation is lifted.

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This is Bob. Bob is skiing. Also, Bob has a window. Bob can see that it is unsafe to drive. Bob knows he doesn’t have to go to Mass, and more importantly, that he shouldn’t attempt to go to Mass.

Be like Bob. God gave Bob a brain for a reason.

One thought on “This is Bob.

  1. Kathleen~ I’m on my church’s parish council and we’re reading the book “Rebuilt”. I believe it was written by your church. Would like to talk to you about it if I could as our church is slowly dying. You can reach me at the e-mail address. Thanks. ~Beth (Fahey) Albright.

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