Screenshot 2015-05-07 13.25.5221217.

Zip code of the Sandtown/Winchester area of Baltimore, where the bulk of the unrest happened recently.

Zip code of Freddie Gray.

Zip code where the median life expectancy is 62.

Zip code where I facilitate Let’s Thrive, a money mentoring group for young women who are considered “parenting youth.” This program is made possible by Hope Springs.

Zip code where Hope Springs, providing holistic and empowering services to Baltimore City residents, has been, is now, and will continue to be.

Zip code where, for at least 3 years, Hope Springs has been serving consistently.

Zip code where the Hope Springs Executive Director, Erin Donovan, and the Hope Springs Board, has forged strong relationships and key connections for longstanding community building for youth, adults, and families who live, work, and socialize there.

Zip code where it is now time to increase efforts to provide hope and healing to a community that directly lost so much last week – safety, jobs, easy access to medication and food, just to name a few.

Zip code where you should invest your money for a better tomorrow with a proven non-profit.


I am on a development team for Hope Springs. Please give to support 21217 and the lovely ladies I get to work with through Let’s Thrive.

To donate, click here.

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