I’m relaxing on this lovely April Sunday. Tomorrow begins a busy work week, the only kind I know these days. This Sabbath, I am watching The Godfather. Sonny is beating the life out of his brother-in-law, Carlo. Happy family day, everyone!

Like my relaxing Sunday afternoon and the entire plot of the movie I am watching, life is a constant juxtaposition. For all of us, life is busy with stress, excitement, opportunity and challenge. Family is a flurry of fun, worry, health scares and dysfunction. We either love politics and rant about it, or we hate politics and wish the ranters would shut up (I guess you can tell what I think of politics). We are about to enter election season, if there even is such a thing these days, and the vitriol will be even worse. Our political friends will be joyful with the opportunity to tell us about it, and the rest of us will be nauseated at the thought of it all.

In the midst of economic recovery (hopefully) and the advent of Spring, friends feud over party differences, cancer diagnoses abound, marriages end, and teenagers get in trouble. It can become confusing and overwhelming. If you let it.

And then there is this.

11148734_10206510896596324_4541595828790322709_nThis is my buddy, Owen. He’s six and on the autism spectrum, and he just threw out the first pitch at a major league game.

IMG_4347-1 IMG_4345

This morning, he played with his friends in his All Stars program at Church of the Nativity, really played with them for the first time. Most overwhelmingly, for the first time at the end of our opening prayer, he said “Amen.” Before today, I’d never heard him say it without prompting.


This is where our minds should land when we are overwhelmed with fear, feuds, debt, or disease.


When we can’t take, for one more day, our medically inadvisable careers, our heart-wrenching family situations or our abysmal financial crises, we always have this.


What’s your’s? What is pure love in your life? What is seemingly simple achievement that is actually HUGE achievement to be celebrated, wildly?


Today, this.

Ultimately, I enjoy this because of my faith and the God who gave me life. I get to see this because of Him. But even if you don’t believe in God, you still have a “this,” whether or not you agree that God is the reason for it.


Identify this. Celebrate this. Return to this when life is too much.


One thought on “This.

  1. Thanks! I really enjoyed your post this evening! I especially enjoyed the photos. I loved the, “If you let it.” point. We make a lot of small decisions that have a huge impact each and every day! Keep up the great work!

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