It’s Friday at 4 pm. Do You Know Where Your Brain Is?

imagesI’m pretty high functioning for the most part. I work hard. I’m not much into work breaks. I have to be forced to socialize while at work. But on Friday at 4 pm, well, let’s just say I tend to fail in the grey matter department.

Here are 5 reasons why I struggle at 4 pm on Friday:

1. I ate too much candy corn at lunch (that only applies to today. And maybe next Friday).

2. People start filing out of the office and I have to look up each time someone passes. Which makes me wonder where they are going, and why I’m not going with them. Also, do they have candy corn?

3. It’s time for me to start clearing off my desk of extraneous stuff, which makes me scatter brained. Where is that sticky note I absolutely needed with critical information on it that I cannot recall? It might have said “buy more candy corn,” and in that case, never mind.

4. My feet decide they no longer want to wear anything that is not by definition a “flip flop,” and therefore I start to think about my feet and how happy they would be shoeless. Like Joe Jackson, pre-1919 Black Sox Scandal. With candy corn.

5. I am ready for the weekend. A weekend filled with falling leaves and nice breezes. And . . .


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