imagesLately, things have been moving.

I’ve been moving more in the water, meaning that my swimming has gone from “what’s a pool?” to consistent visits during the week. This has been movement that feels good.

I’ve been moving my department around. This has not always felt good, as it has involved moving staff out of the department in order to missionally align positions to the organizational mission. People are involved, and that’s hard.

I’ve been listening to a message at church about missions, and how there needs to be movement in missions.

Movements must move, I’ve been told from the pulpit. I think that’s right.

But thinking and doing are two different things. We all face opposition. Some days I don’t want to swim laps. I definitely didn’t want to lay off staff. And my fabulous missions team, being made of human beings with a terribly flawed team leader (me), has had to lean in to its own opposition towards doing something awesome but at the same time unknown.

Some mornings, my right hip hurts. Why? I’d love to say because I ran 18 miles the day before, or swam 10 miles, or chased a robber. No, it’s because my dear old mom, may she rest in peace, bequeathed me a bum right hip. Thanks, mom! I just want to lay there. But guess what? If I get up and move, it hurts more. For a minute. And then it feels better. Movement hurts but in the long run it’s the right thing to do.

In what are of your life do you need movement, but are too afraid or stubborn try? 

Move. It’ll hurt, but only for a bit.

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