Keeping the CRAZY in CHRISTMAS

ImageI love where I work. The people are cool and nice and love Jesus. They also love Christmas. Or should I say they also LOVE CHRISTMAS.

A lot.

I worked at a church before this job, and guess what? This is place is even crazier for Christmas than my church. Yes, I know how insane that sounds. But it’s true.

There is tree decorating contest tomorrow for which all floors are preparing today. It’s the Christian Super Bowl out there. I am not permitted to divulge the theme of our tree for fear of job loss and general Christian ridicule (“Bless her heart, Kathleen is new and didn’t know she’d be fired for revealing Christmas decorating secrets to the other floors, also known as our brothers and sisters in Christ. God love her.”)

I was supposed to bring something in today to use in the decorating (can’t say what, see above). I forgot.

I. Forgot.

And you thought I loved Jesus.

I’m hiding in my office. Hoping to redeem myself this Easter.

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