Imagination Run Wild

ImageFriday I’m doing a guest post on a famous blog site. I’m so excited. It’s like the time I figured out how to change my car clock from military time to time I actually understand. No, it’s even bigger than that. One time I saw THREE giant fan inflated people-things (known by serious lawn art connoisseurs as “air dancers”) at a car dealership.

It’s. That. Big.

I’ll link the famous blog to my blog on Friday so all 47 of my readers can see it.

Naturally, I’ve taken this in quiet stride. I’m in the process of planning my ascension to the top of the blogging world. Here are the issues that I’m dealing with today:

1. Will Seth Godin just call me, or do I call him?

2. Will I be the Keynote at Catalyst this year, or is that sort of a next year kind of thing? I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

3. Monetizing–I think I need to look up that word. I believe it involves the World Bank, but I’ll probably have an account there shortly, so I should research this. I wonder how you get a debit card linked to your World Bank account?

I’ll ask Seth Godin when he calls.

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