Decorating the Christian Office

ImageI’m settled into my office at World Relief now. I have a great, crafty friend (read: real woman) who picked out colors and artwork with me. But as we selected decor, I had to keep in mind this was a Christian office.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I had no intention of filling my office with anything that would really raise an eyebrow (no unclothed people on the wall, no blinking beer signs), but I wanted it to fit in and be uplifting to people (I sound like our local Christian radio station!!! They are so cheerful!!!)

I have some pictures of kids I met in Kenya, a world map with an Afro-centric view, some abstract colorful stuff, and my personal fav, the Creation of Adam (just the fingers almost touching, otherwise there is a nudity issue) by Michelangelo.

It got me thinking. How do you decorate a Christian office?

Jesus picture? Bibles and pictures of Bibles? Is it prideful to hang up your diploma? What if you went to a mediocre state school; is it ok then? I’m operating on the that principle since I hung mine on the wall.

This could be a funny blog topic. Why doesn’t someone write it?

I can’t right now. I have to do work in my Christian office space.

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