Transitions, Con’t…

Fall is here, and that makes me happy. Fall is my favorite season. Perfect temperatures and life settling into routine with the return to school and fall programs.

There are two transitions for me.

1. I’ve cut my hair short (short!) and am letting all the grey come in. See scary pic, below.Image

2. New Job: I’ve just accepted the position of Director of Immigration Legal Services for World Relief, an amazing organization with a challenging mission statement and a heart for the vulnerable in the US and abroad.

I’m wrapping up my last consultancy at Catholic Relief Services and will take a week before I start this new job, which will provide me with great opportunities to lead, think strategically, and be a part of a talented and committed team.

To be continued.

One thought on “Transitions, Con’t…

  1. Awesome look, and congrats on the job, Kathleen! Sounds like a great opportunity! Thank you for your realistic, honest, and encouraging thoughts about life’s transitions. I’m in a totally different stage of life, but always find your posts so relatable and encouraging. So happy for you as you take this next step!

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