Manic Sunday

Sundays are manic for me. I know they shouldn’t be. Today was humorous. Yesterday, we decided we would go to 9 am church. I woke up at 8:30 and laid in bed for a long time. Why? I was listening to the Nativity Missions podcast (check it out-great vision and value descriptions) and also decided to see how long the people downstairs (a/k/a my family) would let me stay in bed, in hopes that I would blow through 9 am church and we could go later. Just for fun, I popped out of bed at 8:45, threw on clothes, dashed downstairs and announced, “Let’s Go!”  Ha ha ha. I am such a card.

Needless to say, we are going to church at 5:30 this evening. 10:30 is when we serve at church, and 12 noon is First Communion for about a billion 2nd graders, and so we decided to wish them well from afar.

I get to visit my mom and grandmother today. The trick is trying to hit the right times for those visits. I love Sundays, but I don’t always love the logistics of them. I like having a day that is about my church family and my actual family. As your kids get older, it gets harder to schedule “actual family” time.

One unexpected benefit of being consistent church attenders for about 10 years now is that my kids know Sunday is a day of worship, family and service, and it is planned in their schedules as such. That is not to say we don’t let things derail us–we have, we do, and we return to our basics and regroup.

This is one of those mornings since I couldn’t get my lazy self out of bed (and my 17 year old is still asleep and has to serve in 55 minutes…)

What is your Sunday like? Does it reflect your family’s emphasis for what Sunday means to you?

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