Sick, With Time to Think

Well, I am way behind on blogging. It’s been months, and in that time, a lot has happened. I’ve started a consulting job, Katy has finalized her college choice (Penn State–I know, big shock), and Devon has dazzled us with her piano and orchestral skills. Eric has returned to more hospital work, and is preparing for his second Operation Smile mission, this time in China. He leaves June 2.

I experienced the beauty, mystery and challenges of Kenya, particularly in the Kinangop region. It was a truly amazing trip, where I was fortunate to meet incredible adults and children. I can’t wait to go back.

I returned a week ago, and became sick soon thereafter, probably something I got on the plane ride from hell (or Amsterdam to Dulles, if you are being technical about it). As my husband put it, with his vast medical knowledge as a critical care nurse, “I think you got that thing that turns cruise ships around.” Yes, I believe so. It has knocked me out for the better part of a week, and I’m sad to say that Mother’s Day will be spent at home, without being able to visit my mother or grandmother. Luckily, I have my immediate family here (whom I cannot hug or get near) and my trusty, 5 year old Mac Book (which does not pick up this human or any kind of virus-MAC ROCKS) to keep me company.

This is shoring up to be the crazy time of year for me–returning from Africa, back to my consulting job working on very interesting but complicated and sensitive matters, sending a husband to China the day after my oldest graduates from high school, preparing a middle schooler for high school and a high schooler for college, gearing up for college orientation and praying over funding for the whole college endeavor, and trying to fit a family vacation in there as well. I’m tired just typing about it.

Busy-ness with a purpose is good, but busy-ness without one is a big negative. I’m trying to prioritize and determine what uses of my time are good ones and which are not. I’m happy to see that most of my tasks do have a purpose, a purpose related to the big three tasks of any Christian: loving God, loving others and making disciples.

I’ll be attending church remotely today, and will catch a few other favorite sermon makers that way as well. I’ll think about busyness as I try to stay awake during the daylight (I’ve not been real successful at this so far). I’ll try to compose witty and meaningful blog topics in my head (which I will then forget and instead type stream of consciousness to-do lists like this one).

Happy Mothers’ Day. Yes, the apostrophe goes on the outside of the “s.” Being the punctuation police–that’s one of those tasks, by the way, which does not “love God, love other or make disciples.”


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