Looking for Excitement? Turn 45!

Wow! What can I say! My life is so exciting. I can link this excitement to only one thing-turning 45. It’s the only common factor. Here are all my exciting life events:

1. My grandmother just moved to a nursing facility in Westminster after a lifetime in Virginia. I visit her a few times a week. It’s tricky to hit visiting hours outside of mealtime and before sun-downing begins.

2. My mom is looking to move to a nursing facility in Timonium as soon as possible. Geriatric paperwork is super fun and really easy!

3. My thyroid decided that it was giving up the ghost at 45 years. I just started meds for this. Looking forward to taking pills for the rest of my life.

4. My oldest child has a severe concussion and is just starting to mend 3 weeks after the event. Apparently doing any chores is the catalyst for most severe concussion-related headaches, though driving and attending soccer practices are fine.

5. Speeding ticket. I had been feeling bad about how little I donated to the police lately, so that was a good thing.

Seriously, all of this stuff has been a challenge but also a great learning experience. You’ve got to keep your humor about life, and this season is either a laugh a minute or a long descent into becoming an irritable lady. I believe I choose the former.

Oh, God. You are so funny. 50 is gonna be a blast.

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