What’s Up with Me

I’ve been away for a month or so sorting out things. Today is my last day on staff at Church of the Nativity. It is not so sad, really, because I am essentially just going off the payroll. I’ll be here every weekend, worshiping and in ministry. I’ll get to see my coworkers at church and socially.

For the first time in my life, I’m not completely sure of my next step. I’m in the running for a job that I want, but still haven’t heard about. I’ve got a few more applications in at this same employer, in Operations, because I want to work for this particular employer.

My job search has been an interesting one. I began by researching three organizations that worked in faith-based missions (the area I want to move into). I was impressed with the leadership and the vision/mission statements of these organizations, and I heard good things from people who worked at or with these organizations. I have concentrated my job search on these three employers alone, and think I am down now to just the one. Not the greatest job strategy for immediate employment, but a good one, I think, for meaningful employment.

It is an odd feeling not to have my life planned out for at least a year, let alone one week.

I’m waiting on the Lord. He’s really poky sometimes, but that is for my own good, no doubt.

See you in Cafe Vista.

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