Thank You, Bob and David

Today is Memorial Day. Today we remember many, but I especially remember two. One is my stepfather, Dr. Robert M. Campbell.

I called him Bob since I first met him when I was about 8 years old. He died on Christmas Day about 7 years ago.

Bob was a physician and he served in the Navy for decades. He served in the Korean War, on the ground in Korea, treating the wounded. He also served in the Second World War, as a young doctor who was a part of the first medical team to be dispatched to Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped. He never talked about what he saw there.

He did talk about when, during World War II, his ship sank off of Cape Hatteras and he floated in the ocean for hours before being rescued. God had a plan, because God needed him to treat the Japanese population in Nagasaki after the devastation from the A Bomb.

I am proud of many who have served, including my dear nephew David Dick, who served with distinction in the Iraqi War. David served in Iraq for over a year. David’s “GrandBob” served so David had freedom, and David served so that his soon-to-be born daughter and son Ethan could also enjoy freedom. Though Ethan is now with his Father in Heaven, he no doubt proudly salutes his earthly father and all those who have served for freedom.

God Bless my Bob, my nephew David, and my great-nephew Ethan. They are in my thoughts today, in a hodge-podge sort of way.

To those whom much is given, much is expected. Thank you, Bob and David, for honoring that truth.

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