Liquid Motivation

I’m coming late to the party, I know. But here is what I think: I love working in a coffee place. Why? Here’s why:

1. The smell is motivating. Coffee is motivating to me even sans caffeine. I actually drink decaf most of the time these days. But the smell and taste tell me, “Get moving.” I get much done in these venues.

2. The noise level is perfect. My experience is that there are two main noise levels in coffee joints: noisy enough that nobody’s individual conversation is a distraction, or quiet. Either one works for me in getting work done. Right now, there are 6 conversations going on around me, one in French. Thus, I could only eavesdrop on 5 even if I wanted to, but they are drowning each other out perfectly.

3. No one is looking at my laptop screen. I hate that. This used to happen to me all the time on the airplane when I traveled extensively for work. Do you mind??? Believe me, my legal documents I’m working on will not enthrall you, so stop trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing. In the coffee place, though, no one bothers with that. People are in and out, and those of us who have planted ourselves are separated nicely at tiny individual tables. My own temporary corner office.

4. I’m not famous. I freely admit that I’m sure Brad Pitt or the Dali Lama could not work easily at their local Starbucks (or the Tibetan equivalent for the Dali Lama). If you are even locally famous, I’m sure this is not so easy. But I’m not even locally famous, so that’s one thing I have over Brad and the Dali Lama.

Do you like working in alternative venues? Why?

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