A Message from Me

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let everyone know, including my wonderful Nativity family, that as Director of Operations, I’ve had the amazing experience of working with what simply must be the greatest church staff ever, and the most visionary pastor I’ve ever known. I’ve advised the leadership what I think this position should be going forward for Nativity, and have decided to move to another non-profit opportunity, preferably in the area of faith-based missions work. I’m still in the process of determining that.

I will remain a member, a tither, and a minister (children’s buddies ministry and marriage preparation ministry) at Nativity. I love this staff and my pastor! It is such an awesome experience to work in a place where I can make my desires known and to be wished the best, while being allowed to continue to serve in my current post.

I’ll keep you posted and I’ll see you at the Servefest Rally this Saturday at Church of the Nativity!


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