Dreaming of a Dumpster


Dumpster (Photo credit: toonbobo)

Do you know what I want for my birthday? A dumpster.

I want a big dumpster to be delivered to my house, and parked in my driveway. I want to clean out. I despise having too many things. This isn’t a virtue, as in I want to sell all my possessions and give stuff to the poor. I just can’t stand clutter.

It will be in my driveway, and my whole family will gladly part with all of their stuff that I personally don’t believe they need, and will put it in the dumpster. With smiles on their faces.

OK, I’ll settle for the dumpster being dropped off and I handle the throwing away when my family is out of the house.

There is something about having nothing (or very little) that eases my soul. I love to get rid of stuff. Sadly, I’m married to someone who does not share my passion, and we have two children who don’t mind junk.

As spring is upon us, I dream of cleaning out.

What tips do you have for me to live a clutter-free life without enduring divorce or run-away children?

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