Lessons You Never Learn

starbucks cup

starbucks cup (Photo credit: Cherrysweetdeal)

Seems like there are lessons we never learn, and those lessons are different for every person. It is just a natural byproduct of being an imperfect human, I know, but it annoys me nonetheless. Some of us who roam the earth, the dumbest among us, believe we can get it all right at some point in time. “Ha ha ha, Kathleen, you moron.” Says God. It’s OK, God can call me a moron. We have that kinda relationship.

Here are some lessons I haven’t learned yet and maybe never will:

1. I will never be the last person to a meeting. I will rush and drive like a crazy woman to get somewhere, and I’ll either still be the first to arrive or at least not the last. Hurry up and wait. I believe that was God’s 11th Commandment for me.

2. When I say “I’m getting up,” I’m not getting up. I say that every morning to my husband and it is never true. I am getting up when I realize that I have the exact amount of time I need to do what I need to do and get out the door. (And still I arrive first).

3. I don’t need a grande size drink from Starbucks; I never drink it all. And yet the tall size looks so small.

4. I will never eat just one Popsicle. It is physically impossible for me to do so. I’ll say I will, but it’s a lie. So don’t give me any of your Popsicles unless you want none of them in the box.

5. Not everyone is interested in free proofreading advice. I give it freely. It is my pro bono work, I believe. But for some reason, accolades do not follow.

Are there lessons you feel as if you will never learn? Are they weirder than mine? I doubt it. Post them and prove me wrong (6. Sometimes I am wrong…)

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